Petunias of all kinds!

Aladin Blue petunia

Petunia Aladdin Blue

Aladin Red petunia

Petunia Aladdin Red

Aladin White petunia

Petunia Aladdin White

Petunias are growing at Stone Ridge Farm

• Upright plant habit
• Large single (up to 5” diameter) or double flowers
• Fewer flowers than other types, but flowers are large and showy
• They take a hit in rainy weather, but will bounce back
• Grow them in packs, pots, containers, mixed combos
• Great for garden beds, patio containers
• Series: Aladdin, Daddy, Dreams, Double Cascade,  Prism, Sophistica, offered here.

Daddy Strawberry Petunia

Petunia Daddy Strawberry


Daddy Blue Petunia

Petunia Daddy Blue



Dreams Pink petunia

Petunia Dreams Pink




Easy Wave Burgundy Star

Easy Wave Burgundy Star


Easy Wave Rosy Dawn

Easy Wave Rosy Dawn

• Low (4-6”), vigorous spreading plant habit (up to 3-4 foot plant spread)
• Technically a multiflora
• Smaller flowers than grandifloras but more numerous
• Single and double flowers

Easy Wave Plum Vein

Easy Wave Plum Vein

• Low maintenance, self-cleaning
• Excellent heat and drought tolerance

Easy Wave Silver

Easy Wave Silver

• Grow them in pots, containers, mixed combos, hanging baskets, window boxes
• Great for garden beds, landscapes, annual groundcover, patio containers, and hanging baskets

Easy Wave Velour Berry

Easy Wave Velour Berry


Preparing for Spring 2016

Bruce and Hannah have ordered alot of seeds.  Christy is finishing the orders for perennials, plugs and trees.  This weekend they will pick up at least one pallet of soil and pots and flats for sowing all these seeds.  The greenhouse supplies are being arranged so that when the first seedlings are big enough to set out in 6packs.  Also to be ordered are sweet potato slips, strawberries, potato sets, asperigus, onion sets and many other delightful things for your garden.  This year, raise more of your own produce to save alot of money and eat healthier and enjoy natures bounty.Trees 55-15-2013 033

List of all the fun things for your garden


Seed Potatoes —

$3/lb.  Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Red Pontiac

Onion Plants —

$3/bunch Texas Super Sweet – more soon.

Asperigus plants/roots —

$1.25 each. Martha Washington

List of Stone Ridge Farm’s Plants — 3-25-2015

$3.60/Deep 6 packs for better root development

Tomatoes — Parks Whopper — Big Boy Hybrid — Celebrity Hybrid — Better Boy Hybrid — Beefmaster Hybrid — Jet Star Hybrid — Roma Paste — Early Girl — Rutgers — Lemon Boy — Honey Bee Cherry — Sweet 100’s Cherry —

Peppers — Big Bertha — Golden Calwonder — Yolo Wonder — Jalapeno Grande — Anaheim — Sweet Banana — Purple Beauty — Orange Blaze Bell (limited) — Habenero — Serrano — Green Calwonder —

Cruciferous Veggies (Cole crops) — Red Dynasty Cabbage — Platinum Dynasty Cabbage — Cielo Blanco Cauliflower — Long Island Brussels Sprouts — Packman Hybrid Broccoli —

Annual Herbs — Basil — Lemon, Cinnamon, Spicy Globe, Purple Dk. Opal, — Oregano — Cilantro — Parsley, Italian Dk. Green — Dill, Mamoth —

Perennials & Temperennials

Priced to save you money

Perennial Herbs — Lavendar (lavendula augustifolia–English) — Lemon Thyme (Thymus x citriodorus) — Cat nip (nepeta x f.Blue Wonder ) – Common Sage — Spearmint — Rosemary — Common Thyme —

Perennial Grasses —   Reed Grass (Calamagrostis) —  Dwarf Blue (Festuca Cinerea) — Pink Crystals (Mel. nerv.) — Fountain Grass,”Fireworks” (Pennisetum) — Fountain Grass “Sky Rocket”

Day Lillies — Barbara Mitchell, Hyperion, Wineberry Candy, — Aurelian Lilly Mixed

Sedum — Assorted and Delosperma (flowering rock garden succulent)

Succulents — Assorted  Small

Clematis — Large Flowered Assorted Colors

Hosta — Assorted sizes

Flowers — Yarrow, Pastels — Silver Mound — Bachelor Button — Coreopsis — Silver Falls, Dichondra — Cone Flower, Tennesseensis Hybrid — Gaillardia, Arizona Sun — Lantana, Irene — Candy Corn Vine — Osteospermum (African Daisy) — White Vinca Minor (Ground Cover)

2015 Growing Season

2-24-2015 GerminationBruce & Hannah, our daughter, are planting flats full of vegetable and flower seeds to prepare for our opening on March 27, 2015.  None of us can wait to see the GREEN!  I’m sure you all have missed the green leaves and plants and trees over the winter.  So, here are pictures of the new “green” we have growing starter plants at our Barn.  We will be lighting up the furnace in the greenhouse soon. The trees, fruit trees, grapes, strawberries, onions, potatoes, perennials, and lots of other things are ordered.  We have pots and soil and flats ready to fill the greenhouse.  Can’t resist showing you some of last year’s photos of our flowers. Anticipation

022Looking forward to spring!

Looking forward to spring!

Christmas 2015–Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ

First snow of 2014 039May God bless your Christmas celebration.   Bruce & I pray that each Christmas tree and wreath that traveled home with you brought the peace of Christ with it into your home. 


Stone Ridge Farm will be closed for the months of January and February and part of March.  We will be finishing some projects at the barn, and at home; beginning calving in February; starting seeds and plants; ordering new trees, plants and seeds for spring of 2015.  Opening day is planned for March 27, 2015.  We plan to have seed potatoes, asperigus, bulk seeds, potting soil, tools, and, of course, lots of beautiful and useful things made by the creative people in Southeast NE, Northern KS.  As things become available, we will have lots of healthy plants, trees, shrubs for you in our greenhouse.   Enjoy your time with family and store up your treasured memories as you head into a New Year full of challenge and promise.

Fresh Veggies for your Summer Table

It’s Summer time and you are ready for fresh garden veggies and fruits.  Check out Stone Ridge Farm for a growing selection of fresh garden goodies to share with family and friends at your meals and parties. 

If you are wanting to reserve something for pickup after work, just call or text 402-335-3682.

Melons are $3 each and Athena are XL.

The corn is $4/doz.

Grape tomatoes $1/doz.  pear tomatoes are $0.25, and larger are $.050 each.

Yukon Gold Potatoes – $1/#

Zucchini & cucumbers are $0.50 each

Sweet corn, potatoes, zucchini, & cucumbers are currently supplies by our vendor, Kris Pietzyk and family

Athena is sweet Hale's Best is pure melon

Athena is sweet
Hale’s Best is pure melon

Fresh veggies for your summer table

Fresh Veggies for your Summer Table


Fresh veggies for your summer table

Cantaloupe ready week of July 25, 2014

We will be beginning to harvest our fresh Athena cantaloupe next week and will have the first ready to sell July 25th.  The Honey Dew will be alittle longer.  We hope to attend some farmer’s markets in Syracuse, NE; Bennet, NE; Auburn, NE; Beatrice, NE.  They will be for sale at our barn Tuesday – Sunday, 1-6 and Saturday, 10-6.  The watermelon, Crimson Sweet, Black Diamond, Yellow Doll, as well as Sweet Corn will be ripening very soon too.                       Big Red Barn, 4 mi. south of Tecumseh, NE on Hwy 50 & 724 Road.

Athena cantaloupe

Athena cantaloupe

Honey Dew melon

Honey Dew melon


Market gardens are growing rapidly.

Pumpkins growing rapidly

Pumpkins growing rapidly


Bruce is tilling for the last time before pumpkins get too large.

Watermelon 7-4-2014

Watermelon and cantaloupe are filling the garden and blooming beautifully. We are looking forward to a bountiful harvest in 40-60 days.

Bruce, Elijah, Travis, Hannah and the grandkids were busy this last week tilling and weeding and watering our gardens of watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, gourds, colored corn, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, blueberries, raspberries.  God has blessed us with timely rains and good sunshine so they are growing rapidly. These are all being prepared for a farmer’s market near you or here at Stone Ridge Farm any day.

Our hours are Tues.~ Fri. 1:00 ~ 6:00pm ; Sat. 10:00am ~ 6:00pm ; Sun. 1:00 ~ 6:00pm.  Mondays are closed.

We are growing Hardy mums for fall

Aster Puff White Aster Magic Pink Aster Days Blue Adiva Purple


White Puff Aster                Pink Magic Aster                   Blue Days Aster                              Adiva Purple Mum

Amadoro Red Amiko yellow Amiko bronze Sonoma Coral

Amiko Red Mum                 Amiko Yellow Mum      Amiko Bronze Mum   Sonoma Coral Mum

We are currently raising these hardy mums and asters here at Stone Ridge Farm to for this fall to offer along with lots of different kinds of pumpkins, gourds, melons, colored corn and other fall decorations.  We will keep you posted with pictures of progress and prices.