Fresh Veggies for your Summer Table

It’s Summer time and you are ready for fresh garden veggies and fruits.  Check out Stone Ridge Farm for a growing selection of fresh garden goodies to share with family and friends at your meals and parties. 

If you are wanting to reserve something for pickup after work, just call or text 402-335-3682.

Melons are $3 each and Athena are XL.

The corn is $4/doz.

Grape tomatoes $1/doz.  pear tomatoes are $0.25, and larger are $.050 each.

Yukon Gold Potatoes – $1/#

Zucchini & cucumbers are $0.50 each

Sweet corn, potatoes, zucchini, & cucumbers are currently supplies by our vendor, Kris Pietzyk and family

Athena is sweet Hale's Best is pure melon

Athena is sweet
Hale’s Best is pure melon

Fresh veggies for your summer table

Fresh Veggies for your Summer Table


Fresh veggies for your summer table

Cantaloupe ready week of July 25, 2014

We will be beginning to harvest our fresh Athena cantaloupe next week and will have the first ready to sell July 25th.  The Honey Dew will be alittle longer.  We hope to attend some farmer’s markets in Syracuse, NE; Bennet, NE; Auburn, NE; Beatrice, NE.  They will be for sale at our barn Tuesday – Sunday, 1-6 and Saturday, 10-6.  The watermelon, Crimson Sweet, Black Diamond, Yellow Doll, as well as Sweet Corn will be ripening very soon too.                       Big Red Barn, 4 mi. south of Tecumseh, NE on Hwy 50 & 724 Road.

Athena cantaloupe

Athena cantaloupe

Honey Dew melon

Honey Dew melon


Market gardens are growing rapidly.

Pumpkins growing rapidly

Pumpkins growing rapidly


Bruce is tilling for the last time before pumpkins get too large.

Watermelon 7-4-2014

Watermelon and cantaloupe are filling the garden and blooming beautifully. We are looking forward to a bountiful harvest in 40-60 days.

Bruce, Elijah, Travis, Hannah and the grandkids were busy this last week tilling and weeding and watering our gardens of watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, gourds, colored corn, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, blueberries, raspberries.  God has blessed us with timely rains and good sunshine so they are growing rapidly. These are all being prepared for a farmer’s market near you or here at Stone Ridge Farm any day.

Our hours are Tues.~ Fri. 1:00 ~ 6:00pm ; Sat. 10:00am ~ 6:00pm ; Sun. 1:00 ~ 6:00pm.  Mondays are closed.

We are growing Hardy mums for fall

Aster Puff White Aster Magic Pink Aster Days Blue Adiva Purple


White Puff Aster                Pink Magic Aster                   Blue Days Aster                              Adiva Purple Mum

Amadoro Red Amiko yellow Amiko bronze Sonoma Coral

Amiko Red Mum                 Amiko Yellow Mum      Amiko Bronze Mum   Sonoma Coral Mum

We are currently raising these hardy mums and asters here at Stone Ridge Farm to for this fall to offer along with lots of different kinds of pumpkins, gourds, melons, colored corn and other fall decorations.  We will keep you posted with pictures of progress and prices.



Now that we’ve had rain, we have grass!  So good to see the green grass again after 7 long, cold winter months.  We want to thank all the people that came out for our Open House last Saturday.  You have encouraged  us to keep working toward our goal of serving the community by providing a market for the people in Southeast Nebraska by the people of Southeast Nebraska.  (btw, we got 1.40″ at the Barn).

This week we have a special sale on 4 pack tomatoes.  They are growing so quickly that they need to be planted out in the garden asap.  They are $1.25/4pk of tomatoes.

Also, strawberry plants are 1/2 price this week, down from 50c each to 25c each.  If it’s not quite dry in the garden, you can keep them slightly damp in a paper bag in your refridgerator until the soil is ready.


Perennial herbs

Herbs-mint             HerbRosemary
Mint                                                                                                RosemaryHerb Sage      Herb Common Thyme       Sage                                                                  Thyme

Mint is very invasive, so it’s best to plant in a container and then into the garden where you want it.  This contains the roots and prevents them from spreading.  It is very strong and you will want to use it in cooling beverages, grilled lamb and other places where you would use dried mint.

Rosemary likes a drier environment, and full sun.  Water only as needed, about once a week, alittle more often in heat.

Sage also spreads easily.  Full sun. Often used as fragrant borders.  Excellent in pork.

Thyme is a sun lover, water about 1x/week.  The creeping variety is often used as a filler between paving stones because it takes high trafic well, once established.

We should have these in sometime near April 15, 2014.

The geese are flying north!

Geese are flying north!    Geese

These are just a few annual flower varieties that we have ordered for you this spring.  We look forward to having many of them ready for you the first or second week of April.  The greenhouse is being updated with walkways and fans.  We are also adding berries, perennials, and more varieties of deciduous (leafy) trees and conifers (evergreen).  Can’t wait to see you all!  Check our posts at

AquilegiaAquilegia/Columbine  CaladiumCaladium  ColeusColeus  HypoestesHypoestIpomeaIpomea/Sweet potato vine

LobeliaLobelia  PansyPansy

ToreniaTorenia ViolaViola

VincaVinca  Wave petunia                                                                                                                Wave  Petunia

You will also be able to get your Mother’s Day baskets & planters here, choosing from a large selection.

Fruit Trees

If you are looking for fruit trees, we will have a variety of trees in pots, ready to plant in your orchard.  We always choose the kind of plants and trees that will grow in our zone, Zone 5, so you don’t have to worry if they will be hardy in this area.  It is important that you  know that the place you plan to put each one is large enough for them to spread out and be prepared to water regularly if it doesn’t rain.  We’ll be hosting pruning workshop next Jan./Feb. so you can prepare your trees for the optimal production, health and enjoyment.

Honeycrisp Apple     

Honeycrisp™ Apple

Sweet as honey. These 3″ beauties are quickly becoming a new American favorite. Crisp, cream-colored flesh is mild, sweet and aromatic. Cold-hardy. Ripens in early September. Best pollinators: any Golden Delicious, Stark® Jon-A-Red® Jonathan or Starkspur® Red Rome Beauty.

Liberty Apple      Liberty Apple

A prolific bearer that excels where McIntosh won’t. Tree is low-maintenance due to its resistance to apple scab, cedar apple rust, fire blight, and powdery mildew. Fruit has a yellow background with attractive red overtones, a crisp white flesh, and a harmonious sweet-tart taste. Perfect for fresh-eating, cooking, canning, or keeping — proper storage improves the flavor! Cold-hardy. Ripens in early September. Best pollinators: Cortland, Freedom, or Starkspur® UltraMac™. A licensed variety of Cornell University.


Flamin Fury Peach    Flamin’ Fury® Jumbo Peach

The world’s largest peach! This variety set a world record for largest single peach — weighing in at more than 1½ pounds! You’ll look like a peach expert when you plant this tree, enjoying impressive crops of red-blushed fruit season after season. Ripens in early August. Self-pollinating. May be covered by U.S.P.P. #9895 or other patents. PF-24-007 cultivar.

Bartlett Pear  Bartlett Pear

The #1 pear worldwide! First introduced in 1797, this multi-purpose pear is a long-standing favorite of orchard customers and home fruit enthusiasts alike. Starts bearing at a young age and is very productive. Fruit features a smooth, firm texture and a juicy, spicy taste. Ripens in late August. Best pollinators: Starking® Delicious™ or Moonglow.

A Stark Pick! Hand-selected by our experts for its simple upkeep and ease of growing — an excellent choice for both seasoned and first-time fruit growers.

Montmorency Cherry  Stark® Montmorency Pie Cherry

The most popular cherry in the USA! This compact tree bears armloads of ripe, tangy, red cherries, which make mouthwatering, succulent pies and cobblers. Cold-hardy. Ripens in mid June. Self-pollinating.


Take a look at our trees.

These are a few of the trees and shrubs that we will have available.  They won’t be full grown, of course, but in pots varying in size from 1-7 gallons depending on the size of the stock we were able to order.  Some will be about 12″ tall all the way up to 48″.  These will be priced according to size and maturity, and most likely much less expensive than what you can get anywhere else.  We are increasing our variety and trying to include something new and interesting for your yard and garden.  We always pick plants and trees that are recommended for our zone, which is zone 5, so you don’t have to worry about it dying over the winter.  Just be sure to water sufficiently so that the roots get established during their first summer.

Dwarf Burning Bush   Euonymus alatus ‘Compacta’
To 9′, Zone 4. Popular rounded shrub makes excellent screen or hedge without pruning. Vivid scarlet autumn color

. Euonymus alatus 'Compacta'_big

 “Prairiefire Flowering Crabapple   Malus x ‘Prairiefire’       To 20′, Zone 4. Grown from open pollinated seed so expect variability from type. Bright red, purple to crimson bloom buds open to reddish purple blooms, followed by persistent 1/2″ deep maroon fruit. Glossy dark red bark. New leaves open red to maroon, turning dark green with reddish purple fall color.

Prairiefire    Malus x 'Prairiefire'

American Cranberry–Viburnum trilobum  To 12′, Zone 2. White flowers in flat clusters in May. Red foliage in autumn with scarlet edible berries. One of our best northern native shrubs coast-to-coast. *Additional packing and freight charges may apply to larger sizes.

Viburnum trilobum_big